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Thank you for visiting Cricket! Here you will find recommended drills and techniques to help improve your game. Cricket is enjoyed by millions of people world-wide. But there are still many of those out here that may ask what is Cricket? How is it played? What are the rules and the ultimate goal?  Cricket drills will answer these questions and others about this fantastic sport enjoyed throughout the world!


Where does cricket come from?

The origins of cricket could be traced back to times of early 16th-century England. There is speculation and even solid evidence of  a game that was played by Prince Edward that was then called creag and from this there has been the speculation that the game is cricket evolved from this.

The assumption is that cricket started as a game for children but soon adults could be fond participating in the activity. The game experienced growth in England, particularly in the south-east region. Looking at the end of the century, cricket was becoming more organized and more competitive and being played for much higher stakes and of importance.


Cricket Drills

As with any team sport, Cricket is no different. The only way to improve is to practice, train and dedicate to mastery of the sport. Similar to baseball, there are recommended cricket drills. Drills that help improve fielding and batting are essential to success as a competitive cricket player or athlete. Cricket drills and training videos can be found within this site.


Rules of the Game

How is cricket played exactly you may ask? First, cricket is a game played between two teams which consist of eleven players on each team. The interesting thing with a game of cricket is that it can range from a game of few hours to days. Cricket could be closely compared to baseball as there are two teams that basically try to score runs in an inning, the team with the most runs win. The opposing teams tries to field and stop the other side from scoring runs. The agreed amount of equal innings or batting attempts is established before the game starts so this may vary as oppose to baseball where it is a nine inning game and there are at least three batting attempts in the inning.

Here is a short video which explains in greater detail